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Story of STYLE: Versatility in Style

Dennis Robinson II

Hey Hey Fashionistas & Fashionistos!

Written by: Tasha Henderson

I am baccccccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

I know you missed me and my interesting outlook on Fashion and Style. I will blog more about Men’s Fashion & Style this year, Scout’s honor. Today is Valentine’s Day and every year on V-Day I try to have a Men’s Fashion Blog or submission published. On this Valentine’s Day Blog, I will discuss “Versatility” in Style, because being versatile is so important for many reasons.

“Versatility in Style” can be beneficial for several reasons such as:

Versatility in style tells a more detailed story with your looks.

Versatility in style stretches your wardrobe so you can have more options of looks.

Versatility in style allows others to see different sides of your personality.

Versatility in style assures that you can be ready for any occasion (no limit).

and more…

My muse of choice is a very dope media professional, who hails from Nigeria, by the name of IY, who is heavily known for his wondrous works as the hype man/host for DJ Cuppy (one of the biggest Afrobeats Djs in the world), Radio Host at Happenings Radio of the TGIF Show and more. IY’s background includes NTA Ekiti, UPSS and CANP World aired on ITV Benin, ITV Abuja, NTA Benin, UPSS FM Infinity where he has hosted shows, interviews and anchored Entertainment Programs. As a master of ceremony, compere and hype man he has strategized and hosted events for delectable brands that include government agencies, corporate organizations, pageants, modeling campaigns and entertainment & music events. Alongside being the official hype man to Dj Cuppy, IY has been inclusive of the Pepsi Lituation 2018, DJ Cuppy Easter Cactus on the Roof 2018, Ecobank Express City Giveback, Continental Basketball League, Union Bank 100 Year Party and many more. I was able to catch up with him and walk with him through his “Story of Style”. IY taught me how important “Style” was in his field and inspired me to write this dope blog on Men’s Style.

Meet Osakue Iyobosa aka “IY”

IY, Event & Radio Host ,Hype Man, and TV Host

IY, Event & Radio Host ,Hype Man, and TV Host

TASHA: Hey IY, can you tell me more about your career and what it entails?

IY: Yes sure, I am a Event & Radio Host ,Hype Man, and TV Host, and I am responsible for coordinating events, bringing wittiness to help the audience enjoy the show or the event.

IY in action, he really moves the crowd

IY in action, he really moves the crowd

TASHA: How important is Fashion/Style in your field of business?

IY: I have two quotes that I love and they are “Looking GOOD is GOOD Business” and “Dress the Way You Want to be Addressed”. Fashion and Style are so important as a host and I sometimes coordinate months in advance about what I will wear for certain events. I am very detailed with my style. It depends on the type of event, because the event can influence my inspiration of style.


TASHA: What is your favorite color(s) and why?

IY: Red and Black are my favorite colors, Red is an energy color and as a hype man & host I am suppose to be the main source of energy. The color Black is that one color that can go with everything, black is so diverse.

TASHA: Who is your favorite designer or brand?

IY: Honestly, I have no particular favorite brand or designer, because I just wear what looks cool on me. I am huge on supporting local designers in Nigeria. I am the type of person that I can put on an expensive brand and mix with an upcoming designer brand.

TASHA: What is your “Go-To” Style?

IY: I love being comfortable & gentle class, you can wear casual clothes and still stand out, so I would say my go-to style is sneakers, jeans, t-shirt, and cap. If I had my way, I would dress in suits all the times, because it’s gentle & sticks out.

TASHA: Last question IY, where do you see yourself in 5 years?

IY: I will be one of the biggest hype men/Host in Africa, not just Nigeria.

What I totally admire from IY is how he can literally wear any style and make it his own. Throughout this blog you will see him in so many styles. He has no stylist, this is pure God-given talent. I love the way he pays attention to details with accessorizing as well and he is not afraid of color, he wears tones that advance his style even more. Take a look at more of IY’s personal style and how he rocks the mic at his events, LIVE and in STYLE!

Casual Cool Style worn by IY

Casual Cool Style worn by IY

Athleisure & Street Style

Athleisure & Street Style

Giving them the Blues in a Dapper Look

Giving them the Blues in a Dapper Look


Please make sure you follow IY on all Social Media platforms provided below:

Instagram: @its_iy

Twitter: @its_iy

Also Book Him for your events:

07034654548 or 08072238617

New Season, New Things

Dennis Robinson II

Happy New Years!

We are 12 days into the New year of 2018. Have you been working on your goals? Have you created your Vision Board? Have you been planning out new goals to accomplish? Have you created any new materials? Have you connected with new creative people? Have you asked GOD what is HIS plan for your career and life??

Yes, I have a lot of questions, lol. I just want us all to WIN!

We all know that with a new season comes new fashion! VonRay Designs is working on new looks and we are super excited. The latest collection "Journey" was presented December 22, 2017. We had a FashArt Exhibition with performers Jawaun Ford, XAVN, Christian Deshun and Marlo Kyng. Each performer unveiled two looks and the collection was all BLACK. There were a couple of unconventional looks as well amongst the collection. Immediately following the show, we shot great editorial with XAVN & Mari J. Photography. These photos are phenomenal and there will be a Fashion Story told by VonRay to accompany these photos in an exclusive editorial. Stay tuned for that!! 

I (Tasha) will also be working on more great editorials and shooting beautiful Fashion Stories with photographers Brian Dailey, XAVN and Dennis Robinson II. Dennis is also a Creative Director.

Here is a SNEAK PEEK of the A Fashion Story: "JOURNEY" by VonRay Designs

MODEL:  Jalynn Mardai   PHOTOGRAPHY:  XAVN   MUA:  Charleste Cotton of Sincerely Cha MUA   HAIR:  Roberta Alex Hayes   FLORAL CROWN:  Nature Crown by Bre'anna Jones

MODEL: Jalynn Mardai


MUA: Charleste Cotton of Sincerely Cha MUA

HAIR: Roberta Alex Hayes

FLORAL CROWN: Nature Crown by Bre'anna Jones


Remember SOCIAL MEDIA is a great way to promote your business. Let's try to be more VISUAL than wordy. This is something I am working on as well. Practice posting powerful photos and a powerful, but short caption. We want to engage more with our audiences. The more engagement, the more followers, the more supporters which will lead to more consumers. This next season we want to Impress followers with our great products & talents! There is a world out there for us to conquer! We can conquer anything with GOD!

**This tip was inspired by Bukky Karibi Whyte (PR Expert)


Please check out New Videos on the "Vibing With VonRay" Youtube Channel! SUBSCRIBE, View & Share!

Men's Fashion Blog

Dennis Robinson II

MODEL: Dennis @d2artz

Men's Style

Apparel Details:

Tank: Plndr

Pants: H&M

Shoes: Puma

Accessories: Variety of Designers including VonRay Accessories

Hey Fashionistas & Fashionistos!!

Hope you are having a fantastic Monday! As you know, I love Men's Style and I have to post about dope men's fashion. Dennis is a great bargain shopper & can coordinate anything effortlessly. He was headed to a "kickback" this past weekend and decided to keep it cool and casual in this Georgia heat. He is wearing a tank from Plndr and pants from H&M (The Weeknd collab). This look can be dressed up or down. This look is comfortable and chic. This is how you turn dress pants into something dope! Please remember, heritage brand footwear like Puma, Converse and Adidas can be worn with almost ANY STYLE APPAREL. You gotta love the heritage brands... Well I do, lol. 

Iphone Photography by ME (Designer Tasha)

Want some more Men's Fashion/Style Tips?? Please contact me!

Flyer by D2artz (

Flyer by D2artz (