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VonRay's Fashion Friday Featuring "Nina Sharae Resort & Swimwear"

Dennis Robinson II

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Instagram: Ninasharae


What's your current occupation or relation to the brand?

I am the Founder | CEO | President of Nina Sharae Resort & Swimwear

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Swimwear by Nina Sharae


How long have you been into Fashion?

I have been into fashion since 8th grade with just styling myself as a hobby. As I enter into high-school, I was always that big girl who dressed nice and other plus size kids wanted to know where I got my outfits from.

What's your expertise in Fashion, Men or Women? 

My expertise in in plus size women. However, I am expanding my brand to plus size this year.

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Where do you see Fashion going in the next 5 years?

In 5 years, I see myself as a black fashion icon with 2 brick and mortars in Miami and California in the United States, along with several pieces in resort hotel stores all over the world. In 5 years, our revenue will be exceeding 8 million dollars. 

What's your favorite color?

I do not have a favorite color. I love all bright and vibrant colors! 


Tell us more about your brand? Where did it start? Where can people purchase?

I started my brand in 2013, when I moved to Tampa, Florida. God spoke to me to create plus size resort & swimwear. I didn't think he was talking to me, until 2 skinny chicks walked passed my window in bikinis lol. Since then, my life has changed with volunteering, conducting research, and just designing for my curvy queens! My items can be purchased at

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

 What's your hometown?

Chicago baby! 


Who do you look up to in Fashion?

I love COCO Chanel story. She reminds me of myself; a strong independent woman who wanted to impact the fashion industry. Coco almost lost everything, but she made a big comeback. Plus, she is a LEO! 

Favorite music artist?

Yonce! We have the same values and business ethics.

What influences your STYLE?

Traveling and learning different cultures influence my style and creativity. All my fashion shows and collections are based on theme. Last year, my theme was WELCOME TO THE CARIBBEAN and I played on the vibrant colors you will in the Caribbean. This year, my theme will be THE EGYPTIAN GODDESS"!!

Swimwear by Nina Sharae

Swimwear by Nina Sharae