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VonRay Fashion Fridays featuring "oLd FvShUnZ"

Dennis Robinson II

oLdFvShUnZ pronounced OLD FASHIONS



by Latasha Henderson #designerTasha

How long have you been into Fashion?

I've been into fashion my whole life. I remember my mother told me, when I was about four years old, when I used to watch her get dressed & do her makeup, I would ask a million questions, lol. I actually attended The Art Institute of Dallas in 2013, but due financial difficulties arising, I had to stop going. I only had nine months left to complete. I was given the opportunity to go back, but by that time I had started doing well on my own, so I was like "forget that degree." My mother was so mad at me, but she is very chill now, lol.

What's your expertise in Fashion, Men or Women?

I'm aiming to reach men & women, especially college students. I think that's where fashion starts college is when you find out who you are and you are more willing to trying different styles & experimenting.

Where do you see Fashion going in the next 5 years?

I see fashion being more free. I think it'll be more plus size models, African American models with kinky hair, or homosexuals and lesbian models, if you feel me. It'll be more diverse. Instead of having the tall slender models, with the perfect straight hair. The constant standard model types are so boring. Fashion is suppose to have NO RULES OR NO LIMIT, but I feel as if it does at times.

What's your favorite color?

Burnt orange is my favorite color, but I never wear it, lol. Weird huh? It'll be something else in a few years though just watch, lol. I constantly change my style, Im not complacent.

Tell us more about your brand? Where did it start? Where can ppl purchase?

"oLdFvShUnZ" was founded by, me, Keria Lew in 2012! O.F. is a street wear, retro apparel line based off the modern day"Kid-N-Play". I am aiming to reach kids, teens & young adults. I'm focusing on bringing back our Black Heritage, such as the sweet 90's and also our diversity. I actually sale my things on my IG page.

What's your hometown?

East Hodge, Louisiana babbyyy! 

Who do you look up to in Fashion?

For my clothing line its really not a person, but rather old movies as influence, lol. For example,House Party, Martin, A Different World and more. My style is more reflective to Chrisette Michele and Kylie Jenner, the edgy women with tattoos . So, that's weird huh? My college professor asked me this question once and I got so mad with my answer, but I can't help it if I look up to unexpected people and things .