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Men's Fashion Monday featuring Ramero Osborne

Dennis Robinson II

Today is MONDAY and I am featuring a very Dope individual! I chose him, because of his stylish ambition. I admire anyone that can try any style genre and make it their own. I adore "fashion dare devils", especially in a cookie-cutter world of fashion and you are still able to stand out! Ramero doesn't settle for one style, he is known for surprises and switching it up daily! As you will see in the photos below, this young man loves to enjoy life and have fun... what a dope way to live. Check out Mr. Osborne and please follow him on IG @swagking_cong to check out his daily fashion...




I am from Shreveport,LA, but I'm now living in Dallas,TX.

Describe your STYLE.

I really can't say buddy, I normally just go with whatever I feel at the time!

What influences your STYLE?

I am inspired by my mood at the time and color blocking.

Do you work in the Fashion Industry?

Not currently at the moment, but I would LOVE to soon...

Where do you see Fashion going to in 5 years?

I feel that fashion is in a great place now and will be even better in years to come!! The sky is the limit for fashion.

Who do you admire in the Fashion Industry?

Most definitely Kanye West.

Favorite Brand and Favorite Color?

I have no favorite brand. I got away from labels a few years ago and opened my fashion horizon! Red is my favorite color.