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"Glo Up Sundays" w/ Glory Eteng

Dennis Robinson II

Hello Lovies!

I have a new Contributing "Health & Lifestyle" Writer. Her name is Glory Eteng, she is 15 years old and she is from Nigeria. She will be starting College at University of Lagos this year! I am so proud of her... Glory will be contributing great lifestyle blogs talking about Health, Hair & More. She will be the voice of the younger generation to make them more aware & to educate them. TBH she is even a great voice for all ages. Please check out her first Blog about "Rape". She did a magnificent job!! I cant wait to post more writing from "Glo Up Sundays".

Glory Eteng

RAPE by Glory Eteng

Rape is the act of forcing someone(opposite sex) to have sexual intercourse with him or her.

*Types Of Rape

Gang Rape:
This is when the ones performing the act are more than one. I.e. when a group of people force to have sexual intercourse with one person.

*Causes Of Gang Rape
1.Dressing  (Indecent dressing): As a girl the way you dress speaks a lot about you. Some girls just want to attract people, get guys attention; they want to be one of the happening babes in town. Listen! The fact that you want to look beautiful, cute doesn't necessarily mean you should expose your body. Guys tend to do a follow-upon you when they see you're always dressing indecently. There are lots of clothes styles out there that aren’t body exposing and still look beautiful. You even look cuter on them. You don't need to open your body to show that you're beautiful.God fearfully and wonderfully makes you. Now guys on the other hand, the fact that a girl wears clothes that shows her body doesn't necessarily mean you should start putting your eyes on her. Parents (mothers) should teach their sons how to caution themselves. She's putting on something shot but she' didn't customize your names on it. Did she?? So take your eyes off.

2.Body Language: A girl that is too saucy, harsh, Abusive can fall victim. When you're too abusive, you easily release fowl languages, too forward. Look! Some guys tend to punish you for your words & attitude. You should be careful of the words you speak to people, how you speak those and when you speak them, because 55% of the sentence you make contains your body language, 38% -The tone of your voice (how you say the words) and 7%_The words you say. You can see that only 7% contains the words you. The rest contains your body language and how you say them. The attitude you put on while talking to people really matters.

3.Indiscipline: Some girls are just too indiscipline. They just walk and move with different guys and still feel comfortable. They feel they can be with any guy they want to be with, rock with just anybody. It doesn't work that way dear. 

Marital Rape:
When the husband forces to have sexual activity with his wife.

Date Rape:
This occurs between people that know each other. A person can be raped by either boyfriend, close friend etc. It's called Date rape. The fact that you are really close to somebody doesn't guarantee your safety to the extent of not being raped.
Don't stay in secret places with opposite sex.
You're dressing matters too..

Incest Rape: This is a sexual activity between family members or close relatives. The incest taboo has been and is still one of the most wide spread of all cultural taboos. Nowadays we hear stories of some fathers sleeping with their own daughters, uncles having sexual intercourse with nieces and nephews, brothers and sisters having sexual intercourse, Etc. 


 *Physical Effects Of Rape

1.Urinary Infections: This is a disease that affects the bladder and causes a burning feeling while urinating, cloudy or dark urine.

2.Pregnancy: Some rapes issues result to pregnancy

3.Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD): Some diseases and infections are transmitted. Some of which are:
HIV: Human immunodeficiency virus, Genital Warts: This is a soft growth that appears on the genitals. It is caused by Human Papillomavirus (HPV) This skin growth can cause pain, discomfort and itching. Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia etc., can also be transmitted. 

*Psychological Effects Of Rape
2.Flash backs: Memories of the occurrence as if its taking place again
3.Sleep disorders
5.Distrust of others
7.Feelings of personal powerlessness

*How To Avoid Rape
1.Be in the right place at the right time
2.Be with right set of people
3.Be disciplined
4.Be sensitive
5.Guide your heart with all diligence