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Glo-Up Monday "Fulfilling Your Destiny"

Dennis Robinson II

Jessica Eteng Health & Lifestyle Blogger

Jessica Eteng Health & Lifestyle Blogger

written by Jessica Eteng

Your destiny begins with the question…who I'm I? Once you're able to define yourself then you're already on the way to fulfilling your destiny. 

    Destiny is God's plan for your life. It is that one thing you do with great ease and Joy. You’re not living by chance or by accident, everybody has a Destiny, no one is empty, but you can make yourself empty when you allow your gift to die. 

There are different kinds of Destinies, but I would like to speak on these few:

The Good kind of Destiny: The fact that you're good at something doesn't actually mean it’s your destiny. You might be good at many things, but some might just be your Gift or Talent. To be a medical doctor might be your destiny, but maybe due to some things you couldn't go for it, then you find out you're a very good singer and then you go for music instead.

The Acceptable kind of Destiny: You might be doing or pursuing something, but then its not the main will of God for your life, it may not be what you really wanted to do, but it’s not what you're called for…then it's not something that is bad. It is acceptable! Going for another alternative when you couldn't go for the desired thing. You might not really be good at it but you just had to go for it.

The Perfect kind of Destiny: When you're doing what you're really called for, what your heart beats for then you're operating in the perfect kind of Destiny. Many work in the good kind of Destiny, quite a number of individuals operate in the acceptable kind of destiny, but very few work in the perfect kind of destiny. 
Discover your purpose and passion: Decide what gives you the most joy and fulfillment. Discover what gets your blood going. What is that thing you might be willing to give your full life in dedication to? That one thing you might be willing to gamble everything you have to do. Destiny is that what your heart burns for, your soul craves for and what your mind wishes for. 

Work towards achievement: Do things that are in line with your calling. For example things that would help build your purpose and passion. Try to find out what those who fulfilled their destiny did and model your reference after their pattern. You should find out the Do's and Don’ts, learn from them and please get mentors. 

Pray and believe :In anything you do, pray to God for help and guidance. When you have God you don't get to stress yourself over things. He goes out of his way to make ways. Your belief also goes a long way. Believe in God and whatever you do. Please stop doubting you, doubt destroys dreams.

Know your strengths and weakness: Know your strengths and discover your weakness.

Improve on your strengths and fight your weaknesses: You’ve known what your strengths are; now improve on it, gain grounds with it and fight those weaknesses so they don't pull you down.

Be ready to make sacrifices: "Nothing goes for nothing "Time is one of the things you have to sacrifice to fulfill your purpose. Stop being where you're not wanted or needed. Use your time wisely. Strength is another thing you have to sacrifice. You have to put in all you have to get to where you desire.

Never be discouraged: Don't allow what's happening around you to get inside of you. Where you are now might be very far from where you're going, but don't be discouraged. Don't let what people say discourage you because you know you're going far. Keep pressing on.
Fear: You don't want to try because you're afraid of failing. If you don't fail how would you grow? 
a) You have tried and failed and now you're afraid of trying again? Listen! To try something and fail doesn't make you a failure. It's when you don't try at all that you become a failure. 
b) Never wanting to take a step, because of fear of who is watching? Why not give it a try first and believe in yourself.
c) Fear of the unknown: The future and what it may bring might be scary. We all are afraid of the unknown to a degree or another, but if we want to pursue our ideas we need to overcome these fears.

a) You have been trying your best on something and you feel no one is seeing or discovering you? Keep on pressing
b) You’ve been corrected maybe in a way you don't like and you feel discouraged. "If you cannot accept corrections, you cannot take compliments; learn to see the positive aspect of everything and drop the negative part.
c) You might be working under someone and you feel all the person sees is your faults. Don’t let it weigh you down.
d) Friends can also discourage you. Beware!
e) You might have tried once and failed and now you're discouraged. Get up and try once again. Falling down is an accident, but staying down is a choice.


Some people are just not ready to do anything for them selves. You need to do what it takes to get to your destination. Be ready to work. Yes work! You cannot grow when you don't make efforts to grow.

a) You know what you want, but you don't know how to get it?
b) You don't even know what you want?

What category of people listed above are you? 
It's normal not to know some things, but when you don't know and you don't want to learn…there's a problem. Please go out of your way to learn what you need to know. My mentor Mrs. Chinemenma Umeseaka would always say, “know at least little of everything ". You have to give yourself to learning. Know what you need to know about what you want to get. Stop being ignorant. Ignorant people don't grow. Ignorance kills

Pride: Stop claiming you know it all. Give yourself to learning, because it helps. When you want to take steps carry people along, seek advice from mentors, older ones. When you're in a gathering learn to follow instructions. Respect people both young and old. You cannot determine your destination you can only discover.

1.You're not living by chance or by accident, you're living for a purpose

2.Destiny is time bound and time taxed. Make good use of your time. Don’t waste time with people that will not do you good.

3. It’s normal to be discouraged at times, but don't let it affect your dreams. No matter what happens don't be discouraged for too long.

4.You cannot go back to correct your past but your future is still in your hands. That should be your joy.

5.Pray without ceasing. God has your back. He loves you. Always put him first in whatever you do.