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VonRay's Fashion Friday Featuring "Shrodrick Spikes"

Dennis Robinson II

Shrodrick Spikes, LLC

Freelance Artist and Designer

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories


Instagram: @shrodrick

Facebook: Shrodrick Spikes



How long have you been into Fashion?

I've been in fashion all my life, but I wouldn't consider myself a fashion design. I always loved accessories, because I feel like they make the outfit. 


What's your expertise in Fashion, Men or Women? 

I don't really have any expertise.

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories


Where do you see Fashion Going in the next 5 years?

Very minimalistic futurism. 


What's your favorite color?


Shrodrick Spikes Accessories   

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories



Tell us a little about yourself and your brand.

Well first Shrodrick Spikes is my name. Since I'm an artist and designer, I decided to utilize my name as my brand/umbrella for all of my work. Eventually, I'll have more sub-brands, but starting out I focus on creating commercial art and design in a contemporary and minimalistic style. I also incorporate typography and logo marks in my work to give the viewers this idea that the work is commercialized. My most recent design is my custom pendant. The Spikes Celestial Pendant®. It's a laser engraved geometric shape on its surface which forms a spaceship. It's made from acrylic.


Where are you from?

Atlanta, Ga


 Who do you admire or look up to in the Fashion Industry?

I really don't look up to any, but I respect a lot of fashion designers.


Who is your favorite music artist?

I can give you a few...Lana Del Rey, T.I., B.O.B, M83 and Empire of the Sun


What influences your Style?

My style is influenced by my mood. How ever I feel when I wake up basically dictates what I'll wear, which is probably all black, some cool shoes, and some nice accessories. 

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories

Shrodrick Spikes Accessories